Once the client contacts Résumés Plus Online (RPO), we will determine if we will need to write a résumé from scratch or from an existing résumé the client has.  The process follows the below format:

  1. We can do our initial consultation by email or via telephone.  The consultation will take approximately 1/2 hour or more by phone.  If client elects to complete the customized questionnaire document through email, the time will depend on the content the client adds to the questionnaire and time to return that to RPO.
  2. Client and RPO mutually agree to work on the process in a timely fashion or agreed upon time frame.
  3. RPO will write the first draft and send to client in PDF format.  Client must have Adobe in order to open and read PDF documents.  If this is an issue for the client RPO will send the draft in a read only version of word with the watermark “ResumesPlusOnline” embedded in the document.
  4. RPO will revise the draft multiple times (if necessary) until the client is completely satisfied.  Remember RPO will keep going until client is 100% satisfied!
  5. Once final résumé and any ad-ons are complete, RPO will send client an invoice via email that allows them to pay via PayPal or by Credit Card/Debit Card directly from the invoice.
  6. Once the invoice is paid, RPO will send the client the word version of the finalized résumé and any ad-ons.  Voila!  It’s really that easy and usually complete in less than a week.
  7. If Client elected to have RPO submit their résumé to job sites or to have a LinkedIn Profile set-up, RPO will complete these steps within 2-3 days (after payment) depending on how many sites client elects.

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