Résumé – To Pay or Not to Pay, that is the Question!?!

I often have family, friends and potential clients ask me why should someone pay to have a résumé written when a person can write their own and even get tips for free online.

Well the truth is, there is a ton of information online to help a person write a better résumé.  The problem comes into play when the person writing their own is doing it from a place of urgency or wanting to tell their entire history of a career spanning 25 or more years.  I am all for ensuring your personal brand and personal career achievements are shown in the best light, but are you, the individual, the best person to evaluate your own work?  In any job, when you write something that is going out to a large audience or to the company, don’t you always want your work critiqued by another individual to ensure it is accurate and reflecting what the point is you are trying to convey?  If so, why would it be any different for your résumé which is potentially going to be posted online and seen by thousands and thousands of recruiters during résumé searches?

So to those in question of to pay or not to pay, I suggest you find a résumé writing professional who will offer you a FREE critique!   Do you go with a huge firm that gives you instant feedback via email that looks like a template sent out to millions of others; or do you go small and take a risk of getting someone not as seasoned in résumé writing?  I think the answer to most is somewhere in-between.  The large firms are going to charge anywhere from $400 on up into well over $1000 for a résumé.

I tend to believe you start with a FREE critique and see how personal that critique is.  If it is not a “form” letter with only one or two bullets that speak to your specific résumé, then I would continue to see from the personal critique if it is something you can handle writing and being objective about.

If you have any questions then it might be wise to seek out the professional writer, who can pull from your experience, education and skills and formulate the best résumé to showcase you!  A professional should inquire about what type of position you are interested in applying for and will ensure your résumé speaks to that position.  After all, that is why your want your résumé written to begin with, is to try to get an interview for a new position.

Only you can decide if you want to pay for a professional résumé, but keep in mind…you typically get what you pay for!  So, if you focus on FREE…it may not be as professional as you need it to be.  If you pay, ensure you go with the right company and that you pay a reasonable price for services rendered.

Always remember that Résumés Plus Online is here to help you if you have any questions.  Check out our website at:  https://resumespo.com for more information on our services.

Remember – only you can answer the question to pay or not to pay?

Best wishes to all those writing résumés and seeking new adventures!



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