Spring Cleaning? Why not do the same with your resume!

Hello Resume writing fans!

It has been a while since I posted but I am back at it now and hope to not have any delays again in the future as this is truly something I love to do!

Enough about me though, you are here to see about “Spring Cleaning your Resume”.  It’s a given that most companies do a bit less hiring during the holiday season, so then when the hiring season starts, why not re-vamp your resume to be prepared in the event you see a job posting that is calling your name.

Does your current resume have your current position?  Does it list your biggest achievements to date?  Are your oldest jobs still needed at this time?  Have you learned any news skills or software systems, if so, are they on your resume?

If the answer to any of the questions in the prior paragraph are no, then it is time for your spring cleaning of your resume!  Do not get caught in a place where you happen to find out about that great new job and you only have a day or two to submit your resume and application.  You never want to scramble or rush to write or revamp your resume, that’s how mistakes are made and critical information missed that could cost you the job of a lifetime.

So best of luck to you in your spring cleaning of your resume, but don’t forget, if you ever need assistance, Resume’s Plus Online is always here to assist.  Just reach out to us and I promise we will do our best to be a great spring cleaning team member by your side the entire time!

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