Free Resume Critiques by Recruiters!!

Yes, that’s right, you can get a free Resume critique by actual recruiters at various employers!

How you may ask???

It is much more simple than you think.

Have you attended a job fair lately?  I did – just a week ago and decided to test my theory.

The job fair was at a Military Base for ex-military, their spouses, dependents and the general public.

I went to several government contracting companies and spoke to their HR Reps and I went to several Government Agency booths, which was really my target.  I decided to produce my own resume to see if the Government Recruiters might critique my resume to see what I could do to improve it in order to obtain a civilian position within a government agency.  Well, I hit a home run with one man in particular.  He actually spent about 30 minutes with me going over my resume and speaking to me at length with great tips!

As an HR Professional I knew what I always looked for, what my company looked for and the managers within my companies looked for.  It was very different being on this side of the fence and helps to keep all things in perspective.

So keep this in the back of your mind as you go through your job searches and take advantage of the recruiters at the job fairs in your area!  If you are at a job fair you are typically finding companies you would like to work for.  What better way to get your resume up to speed (for the company you want a job with) than to have that same recruiter critique it for you!  Once that is done, you go home, update your resume with the tips they provided, then email it to the recruiter who provided you the critique!

Last tip….don’t forget to get the recruiters business card so when you email the revised resume you have the recruiters details and can remind them you spoke with them at length at the job fair….connection is key!

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