Resume Email Address Tip

Résumés Plus Online

A resume is a tool to showcase the professional you!  Not the you that hangs out on weekends with your friends at the clubs.  When seeking a new position you should do your best to ensure everything about you is as professional as can be. 

This includes your email address!

When a recruiter is looking at an emailed resume, do you think they will respond the same to an email from or to

I am pretty sure the recruiter will pick Bob’s over BoysNiteOut, unless the recruiter is perhaps single and looking for a fun boyfriend!  We both know the likely ending to this scenario.

So now might be the time to create a new professional email address if you don’t already have one.  Then update your resume with it! 

If you need some assistance in this effort, contact a resume writing professional that offers free consultations and ask for their opinion or assistance.

Best of luck in your search efforts and remember…..Resume’s Plus Online is always available to assist you.

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